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Happy New Year!

Every new year comes with new resolutions and renewed hope, we wish this year is happy and healthy for everyone. May this year we be more true to ourselves and find peace in the journey. From the grand family of Olivia, we wish you a very happy new year! Enjoy the new year with close family and friends, making it a memorable and meaningful day for all.

Christmas Celebration

The Christmas festivities in Olivia have been incredibly heartwarming and enjoyable, with children from all classes enthusiastically taking part in the Christmas Eve celebrations. The wide array of endearing performances by the younger children, coupled with delightful songs sung by the older ones, created a marvelous blend of talent. The best take from the entire event was Santa's intro to the school premises, our children were humbled by his presence.

The Art of Origami

The Art of Origami 🏵🎨🧩 come join us in learning some skill-enhancement activity with the help of traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Origami.

Vegetable Printing

Vegetable Printing

AGAMONI : 2023-2024

Durga Puja Cerebration AGAMONI : 2023-2024

Teacher's Day 2023


Diwali Celebration in Olivia Enlightened English School

Teachers Day 2020

A Teacher's day video. A day that called for dedicated teachers like you and me. Remembering the day we choose to pick that chalk and change a life. September 5, A day to pay tribute to all the teachers who go beyond the call of duty and make knowledge available to students.

Tribute to all the Teachers

Teaching does get easier with more Experience & Technology, but Teachers of all levels need a little Extra Inspiration.