Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the CBSE school syllabus the same all over India?

Yes, CBSE schools in every place in India follow the same syllabus. However, there can be a few changes in the syllabus but only for classes 1 to 8. Afterward, following the NCERT books are compulsory for CBSE schools.

2. Is the school admission procedure offline or online?

The mode of school admission is open both offline and online that follows respective procedures available on the official websites of the school.

3. What curriculum does the school follow?

To ensure your child's holistic development, CBSE schools follow integrated learning that helps a student become a whole person.

4. What is the mode of transportation the school offers?

Schools focus on the most relevant transport system that is buses. Each bus comes with an experienced driver and CC TV surveillance installed.

5. Do schools conduct smart classes?

Yes, as per CBSE standards, conducting smart classes is essential. Digitally accoutred classrooms widen the possibilities of making learning promisingly engaging.